Halloween Pumpkin and Honey Set
Sweet set of Halloween treats from our farm: two bright pumpkins for the carving and baking, the jar of organic honey (1 liter), herb tea (100 g.), walnuts (100 g) and almonds (100 g).

We would love to share the spirit of the harvest celebration with this special set.

Our employee will deliver this heavy box right to your door. Beforehand we'll give you a call to make sure everything is convenient. We disinfect our delivery cars daily, all our staff members have a great supply of the masks and hand sanitizers. The price of delivery is already included.
And this is traditional baked pumpkin. We are practical people here, nobody will waste a perfectly good pumpkin.

Just hack it, add some honey, and put it in the oven for an hour. It is a delicious and quite guilt-free dessert - no added sugar.

Also, our pumpkin is good for a pie, rice and pumpkin pudding, smoothies.

Important delivery details: we deliver to Moscow and Odintsovo. But! If you'll order 3 or more buskets, we'll be happy to deliver it to Krasnogorsk, Himki, or some other place not too far from Moscow.
There is an old and honorable Russian tradition of herbal tea. It's reach, strong, and delicious. We aim to create contemporary versions of herbal teas: there are ivan-chai as the base, sunflowers petals, cornflower, and melissa. Everything is harvested and prepared on our land.

Our honey is truly organic. We practice cruel-free beekeeping: our bees live in one place and never moved from one field to another, we plant a lot of honey-reach plants, we take honey only once upon a year, and leave plenty for the bees for a long winter.
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